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20100914 MKE PHP Meetup Live blogging

September 14th, 2010 ^Lestat Leave a comment Go to comments

6:20 Intro, and new people introducing themselves to the group.

6:27 Aaron talked about his car, and introduced Kevin Schroeder, Zend Technolgies tech evangelist.

6:30 Kevin tells us of his background (cool nerdy stuff)

A book he wrote

Kevin offered $100 off zendcon in our group, as well as a drawing for a free ticket (1,400 value).

Drawing for a free version of Zend studio at tonights meeting.

In my opinion live blogging is very distracting to me…

Kevin is going into the framework now and it will take about an hour. Im done bloggin for now…

Zend Studio is pretty cool. Especially code tracing.

7:20 break time.

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