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SanDisk Cruzer micro with U3

October 5th, 2006 Francisco No comments

I just plugged a Sandisk Cruzer micro into my laptop and low and behold, a new world of U3 and flash drives. U3 is truely remarkable. This technology allows programs you would normally have to install on your pc be installed on your flash drive so they will work on whatever computer you plug into. The programs have to be re-written for U3 compatability of course, but the roster of programs already available is impressive! From Firefox, Trillian, and Open Office to a slew of security and productivity utilities. I have the 2Gb version. The programs run from 2 to 3 Mb to 300Mb each, so you do need to be mindful of what you are adding.

I expect as the Gbs increase on these devices this will become the thing to do. Why bother with a PC when you can have a 250Gb micro flash drive with everything on it and all you need is a vanilla pc to plug into!.

Check them out here: U3 Homepage

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